Show presentations at hybrid and live events without hassle

AIRD runs PDF, PowerPoint and Google Slide presentations in the cloud and provides easy-to-use presentation interfaces for local and remote speakers, as well as playouts for your video switcher

Create your agenda

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PowerPoint, Google Slides or PDF

You get a link to share with your presenter and another link for the fullscreen playout. No more hassle with presenters sharing their screen, running cables from the stage to your ATEM or needing multiple computers per presentation.

AIRD Production Control Layout

Production Control Page

You get a fully featured page to control the rundown with timers and a UI to observe all output channels. Even better, from here you can directly interact with any presentation.

Customisable Rundown & Output Channels

Build your rundown just like you need it. Then prepare as many output channels as you need and customize their layouts for each section of your event. You get a dedicated link for every output channel.

Rundown Builder

Build your rundown in collaboration. Add times, durations, notes, speakers and media.

Speaker Manager

Save your talents contacts, and assign them to sections of your event.

Agendas and Timers

Use beautiful agenda pages and simple countdown timers in your output channels.



No credit card required
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  • ✅ Unlimited Agendas
  • ✅ Watermark on playouts


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  • ✅ Unlimited Agendas
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add other users to my project?

Currently events are only accessible by the owner. We are going to implement team support alter this year.

Which presentation types does AIRD support?

Google Slides, PDFs and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Can I use AIRD to play videos?

We're currently focused on presentations. Embedded videos work. Standalone video support will drop later this year.

Can I use AIRD together with my ATEM?

Currently, AIRD is a standalone tool. Please get in contact with us if you need an ATEM integration.

Is there an integration for Streamdeck?

Not yet. Please get in contact with us if you need Streamdeck/Companion integration.

Do you have an offline version?

AIRD runs completely in the cloud. A stable internet connection is required. An offline version is not yet available.

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