Plan. Visualize. Execute.

Create events with exceptional video production, effortlessly.

AIRD is the toolkit for introducing high quality video production to any event with ease. Prevent misunderstandings between stakeholders, simplify production workflows and maintain your brand through visual storytelling.

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Plan. Visualize. Execute.

"It's like Powerpoint, but for Video"

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Events are changing

The shift to hybrid events has made the involvement of video production teams a crucial part of the event organisation process. Effective communication with these teams is paramount to ensure that things run smoothly.

Don't let technical issues be the headline of your event.

We’ve seen hybrid and online events plagued by preventable mistakes such as microphone echoes, uncoordinated cameras, and numerous delays. Built specifically for event and production teams, our toolkit handles the details so that you and your content can shine on the digital stage.

Adapt to new challenges

  • As external video teams play an increasingly important role in the production of events, ensuring effective communication is paramount
  • Without a means to visualize the look and feel of an event, event managers are left with video that doesn’t match their vision or their company brand
  • With multiple stakeholders competing for the event managers attention, small details can be overlooked

Use a tool that matches your needs

  • Event management and video production teams differ in their mindset, technical background and workflow execution
  • Without a tool to foster mutual understanding, teams with mismatched processes and priorities struggle to work effectively
  • Teams that speak different languages need a tool to translate important information for them

Stop making avoidable mistakes

  • We believe that every step of the video production process that needs to be communicated more than once is time wasted
  • When teams aren’t aligned, mistakes happen, mistakes which can be easily avoided with established processes in place

The right tool for the job

Keep track of the entire production process from start to finish

Create an intuitive communication structure within your event production workflow, bridge knowledge and experience gaps between contributors, and maintain seamless control over the flow of important information.

Step 1

Live Agenda

Create an agenda that is as simple or as complex as you need to make your event exceptional. Connect with stakeholders, contributors and vendors through a central communication hub. Visualize your video stream and stay on the same page with video production teams without needing to follow up at every step.

Step 2


Collaborate across teams and maintain oversight from one core source. Assign tasks, resolve disruptions, receive feedback and streamline workflows to keep everyone on track. Ensure that all your contributors are up to date on what needs to be done, with context to the needs of the whole event.

Step 3

Media management

Maintain all the relevant files for every single item on your event agenda in one place. Keep track of all your content and fix anything missing. Visualize the look and feel of your event and guarantee that external video production teams can access everything that they need, exactly when they need it.

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